"Ultramarine"   14" x 18"   watercolor

Welcome !

I was born in Colorado and began creating art regularly as a teenager in St.
Louis when I started carrying around a journal. I enjoyed drawing my
classmates and felt exhilarated as I improved my skills. I used to dream of
some day becoming a student of Georgia O'Keefe. Seeing her work got me
into drawing organic things like bones.

My growing interest in art took me to Valparaiso University where I
graduated with a degree in Fine Art and a minor in Education. I taught
art to elementary students in Merrillville for 30 years, before moving on to
create art full time.

While in college I became fascinated with the artwork of Kandinsky, which
got me involved in approaching art using the elements of line, value and color
for their own sake. This has led to a large body of mostly non-
representational work that my husband calls "Brain Prints." I still enjoy
drawing portraits once in awhile. And I still abstract ideas from the
occasional twig or piece of machinery in my drawings. But this is usually just
a stepping-off point to a hopefully unique and beautiful finished drawing.

Brenda Burns Uban

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